Family Support Services Hay Doun is committed to serve the community by providing an effective tool for integration, social education, and support at multiple levels.


  • Facilitate access to existing resources as well as non-profit organizations working in the health and social service sectors.
  • Establish a bridge between existing social services and the community.
  • Create a network of solidarity and support within the community by encouraging the participation of all its members.
  • Develop and provide additional services as required and needed.


Hay Doun was inspired from the vision that a healthy community prospers when it concerns itself with the needs of the individuals who constitute it. It was in 2005 that Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, the Primate of the Armenian Church of Canada and some members of the Armenian community, Nayiri Tavlian, Ana Afeyan, Syra Kasparian, Gabriella Djerrahian, and Azad Temisjian decided to found a non-profit organization to assist members who could not access existing social services mainly due to language barriers, lack of knowledge of the social services offered to them in their local community or cultural differences in their approach to the problems faced.

Funded by the Armenian Diocese of Canada in its first year of existence, Hay Doun’s efforts were quickly supported by the community, giving way to its official creation on April 1, 2007. The first General Assembly took place on November 16, 2008. Since its inception, in addition to providing assistance to the Armenian community, Hay Doun also intervenes and helps Quebecers from all origins. It is through similar actions that we can build bridges and foster intra and inter- community solidarity.

Because of our ongoing efforts over these years, Hay Doun is now recognized by the provincial and federal governments as a charitable non-profit organization, which through its humanitarian efforts, has sponsored and helped many Syrian and Iraqi refugee families to establish themselves in Quebec.

Our Team

Members of the Board

Sevag Gosdanian


Mike Guiragossian


Ana Afeyan


Marc James Tacheji


Nayiri Tavlian


Annette Bakos


Liza Shahinian


Office Staff

Narod Odabasiyan


Taline Ladayan

Psychosocial case worker, PIF project

Laura Tellalian

Psychosocial case worker, PIF Project

Khajag Aghazarian

Collective Sponsorship – Program Coordinator

Rosy Kuftedjian

Psychosocial worker – Sponsorship project

Silva Kouyoumjian

Human Relations Agent & Social Activities Coordinator at Habitations Ararat

Maral Youssef

Administrative assistant, Habitations Ararat

Araz Khshvajian

Admistrative Assistant for the Sponsorship project


Volunteers are the pillars of Hay Doun. Our actions would not have the same impact without their continued commitment. Volunteering is ageless. We believe that each person can help us toward the achievement of our mission “without borders”! For more information, visit the page Become a Volunteer. To register as a volunteer please click on the link.

Annual Reports

To know more about our mission and our activities you can read our Annual Reports of the last two years.

Annual report 2020-2021
Annual report 2019-2020