Caretakers Project (PIF) Related Questions

1. What exactly is PIF? What does it entail?
PIF stands for Psychosocial, Information and Formation (training). It is a project financed by L’Appui Montréal and is designed for caregivers who take care of an elder at home aged 60 years old or above, especially ones who feel overwhelmed due to a lack of resources. We are here to accompany you in your caregiving journey!

2. How do I start the helping process or what do I need to do to receive help?
Once you get in touch with the PIF team, by calling (514) 962-3686, an evaluation meeting at a place convenient to you will be suggested and a personalized intervention plan will be devised together depending on your needs.

3. Do you work with the CLSC and other community organizations?
Yes, but we are a separate entity. Hay Doun is a non-profit organization. We work complementarily with the CLSC and other community organizations, that’s why we can guide caregivers on available services in their area, even if we don’t have that requested service.

4. Can you come to my house and see my parent/ aunt/ sister/ husband/ wife who is at a loss of autonomy?
Yes, if it is requested. However, our program is dedicated for the person who takes care of the elder. We guide, support and personalize our approach for each caregiver.

5. Which territory does your services cover?
Our support groups and conferences usually take place in the Bordeaux-Cartierville & Saint Laurent area. As per our psychosocial support, we don’t have a specific geographic limitation. We are flexible and can accommodate anyone living in the Greater Montreal.

6. Does it cost anything?

No, not at all! All our services are free of charge, including individual support, support groups, conferences and intercultural cooking workshops.

7. Can you help me with my application to Paratransit (Transport Adapté)?
Yes, the PIF staff can definitely give you a hand with that. You can contact the PIF staff at any time concerning Paratransit forms and guidance.

8. Do you have respite? How much does it cost?
Yes, we have a temporary-conditional respite service. If the caregiver participates in a programmed PIF activity such as a support group or conference, we can send a companion to stay with your elder for the entire duration of the event until you, the caregiver come back home. It is free of cost. For more information on respite, please contact PIF staff.

9. Do you have people who can accompany my parents to their hospital appointments?
Although we do not have staff or volunteers designated for transportation services, we can try to find a volunteer to answer to your need or we can refer you to other community organizations who offer this service. This might take time. You will need to advise us at least 2 weeks in advance by calling our office.

10. How can I register to the activities?
Please contact the PIF team to know more about our services and programs and to subscribe to the monthly emails about the events!