FAQ-Collective Sponsorship


To submit an application :

1. Is the Sponsorship program open now?
The Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion has temporarily put on hold its “Collective Sponsorship Program” until August 15, 2018.

2. Does the application process at Hay Doun cost anything?
Hay Doun does not charge and administrative or deposit fees for the application process.

3. Where can I find the applicant’s forms and the sponsor’s form?
All forms are available on our website in the collective sponsorship tab.

4. I can’t open the forms on the Hay Doun website, how do I make it work?
Use GOOGLE CHROME as your web browser and save the form on your computer. Then, make sure you have the latest version of ADOBE READER and open the form from your computer.

5. Can I fill out the forms by hand?
No, all forms must be completed on the computer, printed and signed by the main applicant.

6. What other documents are required to complete the application?
You need a piece of identification (passport or identity document translated into French or English) and six photos per applicant with their names on the back of each photo.

For files sent to Immigration:

1. What is the wait time to get the first confirmation- provincial number / C number?
The duration depends on the current state of Immigration Quebec; this can vary between 4 and 6 months after submission of the file.

2. How do I know if my file has received the first confirmation-provincial number?
The principal applicant or the sponsor can call us for follow-up on the file.

3. What is the wait time to obtain the second confirmation- federal number / G number?
The duration depends on the current state of Immigration Canada; this can vary between 4 and 6 months following the first confirmation.

4. How can I know if my file has received the second confirmation- federal number?
Once the second confirmation – federal number – is issued, we inform the sponsor via email or phone.

5. How can I make a change to the file (birth, marriage, phone number, death …) once the file is sent to the government?
You must inform us as soon as possible by writing to info@haydoun.ca.

6. What are the steps following provincial and federal confirmations?
The applicant will have to wait for a call from the Canadian Embassy for an appointment for the interview or for the medical examination.

7. In the meantime, can the applicant return to his country of origin, for example; Syria?
No, in accordance with the refugee criteria of the Geneva Convention, the applicant must reside at all times outside of his country of origin.

8. How can I prepare better for the interview?
Visit the following links on our web site:
Tip for Interview at Canadian Embassy
What happens after I become a Permanent Resident of Canada
Avoiding Immigration Fraud and Misrepresentation

9. What is the total wait time from the submission of the file to the government until arrival in Canada?
According to the current state of Immigration Quebec, the waiting time is 2 to 3 years.

For rejected files:

1. What must the principal applicant do if his file is refused?
Depending on the situation, the principal applicant must write to the Canadian Embassy, ​​explaining his condition and providing evidence, if necessary.

2. How can I find the member of parlieament for my neighborhood?
Using your postal code, you can find your MP via this link.

3. Can I consult an immigration lawyer?
Yes, but you must be prepared to invest a fairly large amount of money.

4. Do you have lawyers at Hay Doun who take care of the rejected files?
No, unfortunately we do not have this service. However, we can give you references if needed.

For pending cases at Hay Doun:

1. Why do you keep some records in your possession?
Because each year there are quota restrictions imposed by Immigration Quebec. These quotas may vary from one year to another.

2. When is the collective sponsorship program reopening in Quebec?
Unfortunately, no one is able to set the exact date. We advise you to follow Immigration Québec’s website as well as our Facebook page for updates.

3. In what order are the files sent?
The files are sent according to the date of their reception, that is to say, the date when the sponsor handed in the file to Hay Doun. First come, first served, if the file is up to date and well completed.

4. Is the exchange or replacement of files possible?
No, unfortunately exchanges and replacements are not tolerated.

5. Can I remove a file?
Yes, write to us at info@haydoun.ca and we will take care of the file.

General questions:

1. Who is the official sponsor of a given file?
The official sponsor of any file is Hay Doun.

2. What other organizations are also doing a collective sponsorship project?
Here is the list of other organizations.

3. How can I track the status of my application: Immigration Canada / Quebec?
Visit the following links for more information:

4. What is the sponsorship project for 2 to 5 people?
Visit this website for more information.

5. How to follow news about the collective sponsorship project?
You can follow our Facebook page for updates.

6. Who should I contact for questions regarding collective sponsorship?
You can write to us at info@haydoun.ca



1. Do you have any representative or office outside Canada?
Hay Doun does not have an affiliate office in any other country. We are solely based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2. Are the new arriving individuals/families entitled for financial assistance from the government upon arrival in Quebec?
You are NOT entitled for “Social Assistance and Social Solidarity Programs” (welfare) during the first year after your arrival in Quebec. Given you are sponsored, you will be entitled for the following benefits upon arrival:
• full health care coverage by Quebec Government,
• monthly allowance in case you register and attend full time French courses,
• child benefit allowances upon arrival in case you have children below 18 years of age.

3. How does Hay Doun assist newly arriving families?
Upon arrival you will be invited for an orientation meeting at Hay Doun, after which a full assessment of your needs might be identified including psychosocial if needed. Areas of assistance may include any or all of the following:
• helping you find proper housing and donated furniture items (based on availability),
• helping receive proper medical care for the ill and elderly,
• providing psychosocial assistance to any member of the family if needed,
• assistance in registration of school age children
• orientation and guidance on secondary and higher education for youth above 16 years old and adults.
• employment assistance

4. For how long does Hay Doun assist arriving families?
Hay Doun’s mandate is to help and support all families without any time restrictions. Our mission is to assist you even after the one-year of arrival.

5. Can we apply through Hay Doun and live in another province upon arrival?
No, you should live in the Province of Quebec for at least one year after arrival.