Caregivers of Elderly – PIF


PIF – Psychosocial, Information & Training financed by L’Appui Montréal offering support for natural caregivers of elderly living at home.

You are a caregiver if you:

  • Regularly take care of an elderly member of your family without any financial compensation
  • Devote several hours per week to accompany, help and encourage your elder
  • Feel overwhelmed and without any resources

PIF supports the caregivers, offers information sessions about the available resources and services in their area, and organizes conferences and training sessions based on the needs of the families.

Home visits by the PIF counselor will help determine the needs of the caretakers and the realities they are facing within their family unit enabling them to propose resources and services adapted to the caretaker’s and the family’s needs. This project, will assist the caregivers in overcoming their struggle with isolation and exhaustion, thus helping families better manage difficult situations. In doing so, PIF will help caregivers preserve a good quality of life, giving them the necessary tools to better manage their future roles with their elders.

The success of this project resides in the collaboration with the local institutional resources, community organizations and members. If you are a caregiver and feel overwhelmed do not hesitate to contact the psychosocial workers at or You may also reach us by calling (514) 962-3686.

In addition to our regular services (psychosocial support and follow-up, conferences and support groups), we have at heart a willingness to adapt our practices and intervention tools to the constantly evolving needs of our caregivers as part of our continuous striving to better serve them. Within that context, Intercultural cooking workshops, the first event of its kind was organized in March 2016. A beautiful moment of collective conviviality and mutual support within the framework of our monthly support groups. This is an occasion to discover other cultures through the world of culinary traditions. Each session ends with the tasting of the meals which are prepared together on site.


Intercultural Bulletin: More than just a newsletter, this bulletin was a motivating source and mobilization tool for caregivers. It was a space dedicated to them to reflect on their experiences and share their aspirations. The first issue was published in March 2016. We welcome all those who possess writing skills, artistic talents or other content development capabilities to share with other caregivers. Archives of the Newsletter : 1. March 2016 (FR), 2. August 2016 (FR), 3. December 2016 (FR), March 2017 (FR), July 2017 (FR), December 2017 (FR), March 2018 (FR)

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