General Assembly

We are living many firsts in Hay Doun. On November 16th, 2008, Hay Doun held its first General Assembly in the Marie Manoukian Hall. The afternoon began with a blessing from Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, Primate of the Canadian Armenian Diocese, who transmitted his message of hope and prosperity and once again impressed upon all the unconditional support of the Diocese towards the Hay Doun mission. Approximately 50 supporters and friends were treated to a light lunch after which Nayiri Tavlian, the president of Hay Doun addressed the crowd.

After introducing the board members she began by affirming Hay Doun’s mission. She made reference to the reality that, as the year progressed; it became more and more apparent that there is a great need within our community for an organization such as Hay Doun. She also emphasized that this organization’s success is dependent on the collaboration with other associations existing in the community, the establishment of sustainable ties with other like organizations, and most importantly to maintain a high level of professionalism and transparency in all that it undertakes.

She concluded by thanking all of Hay Doun’s supporters, contributors, donors and friends who spared nothing to make this inaugural year a success; most importantly, Hay Doun’s first and foremost supporter, the Canadian Armenian Diocese.

Narod Odabasiyan, the director of Hay Doun, took the podium next and gave a very informative overview of the on-goings of Hay Doun since its opening on April 1st, 2007, touching on both the clinical and social folders. Vassilena Gasparova, spoke of the “Collective Sponsorship Program” which focuses on bringing refugees from Iraq.

Other members of the administration took turns to address the crowd. Ana Afeyan spoke about “Joie de vivre” the very successful 1st fundraiser held in the spring of 2008. Sevag Gosdanian introduced the “Habitat Ararat” residence project for the elderly. Nayiri spoke about “Blossoming Roots”, an intergenerational project which was made possible by a grant from the federal government.

Other order of business included the presentation of Hay Doun’s annual budget (copies of which were available).

Judging by the interest from the public, the questions asked and the comments made by those present, the administration of Hay Doun is confident that it has the community’s support and blessing to continue in its mission.