Spaghetti Night

A “Spaghetti Night” with a twist on January 16th, 2010…

A friend had an excellent idea of reserving two tickets for a spaghetti night given by Hay Doun’s group of volunteers supporting a great cause: that of Armenian immigrants from Iraq.

Upon our entrance into the dining area, we were greeted, to our great surprise, not by austere refectory tables but rather by tables set in white linens in a rather chic ambiance. Many volunteers were on hand readily greeting all with their friendly smiles, while others were busily going about their tasks both in the kitchen and in the hall. The general atmosphere was very friendly and jovial.

In this bohemian environment we felt neither rushed nor stressed! The volunteers, mostly youths, never once made any of the guests feel the slightest discomfort; making sure to attend to all the tasks at hand; – from serving the dishes to picking them up – the smiles were always there. The tables were set with two bowls of colourful salads and appetizers to enjoy. The music played just loud enough not to interfere with the lively conversations that were taking place throughout the dinner. Although the service was a touch slow, no one seemed to mind too much as it gave everyone a chance to further mingle. Once the food arrived, even the largests appetites were satiated by the delicious spaghetti covered in a wonderful homemade meat or vegetarian sauce. My husband, a confirmed expert, found that the organization in the kitchen was impeccable.

The only drawback of the evening…we couldn’t get anyone to divulge the secret sauce recipe.

The speeches, always a must at such events, were short and sweet leaving plenty of room for friendly bantor during an evening of unpretentious, pleasant and lively conversations.

We were there to support the cause. We left that evening well-treated, having had a lot of fun and very pleasantly surprised by so many dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Congratulations to a very successful evening, well done and thanks again!

Hoping to see you soon,

Sirouhie Tacheji

(translated from French)